Do you need a website? Or a little web app? Hang on, that sounds way too much like a TV commercial. But still… I can help with that!

With more than 10 years of experience building websites and webapps, from small and simple to big and complex, I’d be very glad to help you out. Even if you only have a rough idea and need someone to help you through the first phase. Or you have everything in place and just need someone to build it. That is totally fine too!

Anyway, let's talk and find out how I can help you.


I believe that ideas usually do not just pop out of nowhere. They are much rather the product of problem solving. Starting by defining the core of a problem and trying to find a solution to that, instead of just waiting for a brainweave.


When the core problem is defined, and an idea to solve the problem has been found, it’s time to design the solution. However Design is not just what it looks and feels like. It’s about how it works and aesthetics is merely a very neat by-product.


Even the greatest ideas and designs are worthless if no one builds them. And this is often the hardest part. From rapid prototypes to finished products, writing code is the core of my day to day work.

A bunch of buzzwords to impress you

JavaScript, React, Vue, Phaser, HTML, CSS, SASS, Bootstrap, PHP, Kirby, Responsive Web-Design, Photoshop, Sketch, Pixelart, Asesprite, jQuery, Gulp, Node.JS, Three.JS, Framer.JS, Processing, Unity3D, C#, Patternlab, Git, Pen, Paper.

But of course that list is incomplete, it's just meant to give you an impression of whether our toolset matches. If there's something that I can't do, I don't hesitate ask someone of my network, who might be a match.